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Baby back ribs (revisited)

I decided to try my hand at making my own barbecue sauce. I came across this recipe that is particularly good on pork. It turns out mustard & pork go hand in hand! It’s incredibly easy, too!

Mustard-based bbq sauce recipe (the measurements are just an approximation.. I relied more on the look & taste of the mixture):

  • 1 cup of mustard (just regular yellow mustard works)
  • 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
  • 1/3 cup of brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil or butter (I used olive oil)
  • 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsbp of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of cayenne pepper

Cook everything together under low heat for about 1/2 hour. The mustard keeps the sauce thick and tangy.

As per usual, I cooked the baby back ribs in a slow cooker w/ the bbq sauce. I saved about 1/4 of the mixture for dipping afterwards. I don’t know if I’d recommend this sauce as a marinade. It’s much better as a dipping or basting sauce. I feel like I should’ve made a dry rub instead and slow cooked the ribs in an oven. Oh well, it was still tasty!

For sides, I made roasted garlic mashed potatoes with my own gravy & green beans.

Mashed potatoes:

  • Boiled potatoes, mashed
  • Butter
  • Salt & pepper
  • Chicken broth
  • Cream cheese
  • Roasted garlic, mashed **
  • Green onions

** Take an ENTIRE bulb of garlic and cut it in half so that you can see the middle of the cloves. Sprinkle with salt liberally and place exposed-clove side up in an 350 degree oven for about 1/2 hour (or until the garlic is soft enough to mash).


  • Butter & flour roux
  • Green onions
  • Shallots
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken broth
  • Salt & pepper

Green beans are easy. Just sautee w/ olive oil or butter, cook up some sliced shallots & sprinkle w/ salt & pepper. I had leftover roasted garlic cloves so I added that to the pan as well.

$ breakdown:

  • 2 slabs of pork baby back ribs – roughly $7 (thank you, Chinatown!!)
  • Mustard $1
  • Green beans $2
  • Potatoes $2 (for a 5 lb bag!)
  • Cream cheese $2

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BBQ ribs

BBQ baby back ribs are my specialty. I haven’t made them in a long time but my friend had a craving for it and I told him I’d bbq him some TASTY ribs. I usually cook ribs in an oven or on a grill but I think I’m going to start using my slowcooker now, after the proven success of last night’s dinner.

I made two kinds of ribs–pork baby back in a bbq sauce and pork spare ribs with a dry rub. The ribs in the sauce went into the slow cooker and the dry rub went into the oven.

Dry rub recipe:

  • Garlic salt
  • Brown sugar
  • Cumin
  • Chili powder
  • A bit of cayenne pepper
  • Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Red pepper flakes

You really have to trust your sense of taste on this one. I added more of the garlic salt than the other ingredients. Anyway, massage the spare ribs (we got 1 lb) with olive oil first and then add the dry-rub. I let this sit while the oven pre-heated. Place into an oven at 275 degrees and let it cook for hours, seriously. I think I placed this in at 6 pm and took it out at 10:30 pm. I would have preferred to have it cook all day at a lower temperature but I started early into the evening and we wanted to eat at a reasonable time (we ended up eating after 11 pm–typical).

BTW, I traditionally make baby back ribs with a barbecue sauce (which is store-bought.. but I should probably start making my own).

Baby back ribs recipe:

  • 1 slab of baby back ribs
  • 1 bottle of barbecue sauce (I prefer something sweet and tangy)
  • A shot of whiskey (I used Jameson)
  • Butter
  • Whole garlic cloves

I massaged the baby back ribs with the dry rub, even though I probably shouldn’t have. Oh well.. flavor is good! I put some butter and the garlic cloves into the slow cooker first. Then the ribs go in and *absolutely important* they MUST be smothered completely in the bbq sauce; add the shot of whiskey last and then place the lid on top and leave it for a few hours. I had to set my slowcooker to high because of time constraints. This cooked from 7 pm to 10 pm. I would recommend starting this in the morning on low and cooking it all day.

Because of the slow cooking, the ribs (both of them!) were SO tender and literally falling off the bone. OH so good.

I served this with pan-roasted potatoes dressed simply in salt, pepper & olive oil (which I then placed into the oven to continue roasting) and grilled corn. BTW, “grilling” the corn = roasting in oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

For dessert, I served oven-roasted halved pears & warm strawberries sprinkled with cinnamon sugar & brown sugar and honey.

Unfortunately, no pictures. 😦

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