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I am sitting here eating my smushed and bruised banana, wishing I could be eating dinner last night again.  It was nothing special and I hadn’t planned to write about it (so no pics, sad face), but it was SO good and SO simple, I thought maybe I ought to share.

What you need:
yukon gold potatoes (1 per person)
shrimp (1/2 lb per person)
salt & pepper
olive oil
1 juicy lemon

(I also served it with a simple green salad)

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Place a square of aluminum foil down, with a clean potato in the middle, spray (or drizzle) with olive oil and throw some salt on
  3. Wrap completely in foil and bake for at least an hour
  4. Clean and peel shrimpies and place in a bowl
  5. Drizzle olive oil on top, along with a generous amount of salt and pepper.  Squeeze the crap out a lemon over it to get all the juice out (trick: roll your lemon on the counter or cutting board while pushing forcefully on it – this is get you more juice).
  6. Grill the shrimp on any type of grill you have; propane, charcoal, stove top, for a few minutes… not more than 5!
  7. Put the shrimpies and potato (with BUTTAH) on your plate, eat, enjoy then dream about it tomorrow morning.

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OHHI.  I know it’s been a few weeks, and I have really been trying to post once a week or so.  But I haven’t been cooking any new/ cool recipes lately because we got a gas grill for our tiny balcony, so I have just been a marinade queen.  I thought I should at least share my lazy marinade ideas with the world.

For a marinade, you just need something that tastes yummy, and then something that is acidic.  It is way cheaper (and usually healthier) to make your own, rather than buy the pre-made ones.  A lot of the items needed for a good marinade should already be in your kitchen right now, anyway!

Here are some easy ideas… They are all starting points which can be added to, changed around, etc.

  • Lemon or Lime juice (or even OJ!) + garlic + italian seasoning/ basil/ thyme
  • balsamic vinegar + olive oil + black pepper
  • toasted sesame oil + soy sauce or teriyaki + ginger + garlic
  • BBQ sauce (obvi).  My new fav is the Stone Levitation BBQ sauce from Carlsbad Gourmet
  • Italian dressing (whenever I get low on a bottle I just use it as a marinade to free up fridge space) + garlic paste (easiest to steal from your local middle eastern eatery)
  • tequila + lime + a teeeeeny bit of cayenne + salt + pepper
  • buttermilk + lots of garlic + paprika + salt + pepper

I don’t eat beef, so these are all for chicken and seafood, but would probably work well for a lean cut of pork.  TIP: prepare marinade before you throw your protein in the freezer (if you buy in bulk or buy a bunch when it’s on sale like I do!) and marinade the protein while it’s freezing/ defrosting.  Just make sure you label what the marinade is 🙂

Also one of my fav easy grillin’ sides is a delicious veggie (such as zucchini, asparagus, carrot, squash, brussel sprouts) marinaded in olive oil + salt + pepper.  I usually just use a shallow bowl or pyrex dish and let it soak for up to an hour before grilling.

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