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Deep Fried Turkey

So the boy got an itch to deep fry a turkey for the holiday, last week.  He was inspired by Alton Brown, and used this recipe:


So once we got all the necessary components, we were ready to go.  This is what you will need to have;

big pot/ burner ($80 kmart)

fresh turkey, 13 lbs ($30 costco)

5 gallons peanut oil ($26 costco)

brown sugar, salt

various pulleys, rope (less than $10 home depot)

ice chest/ cooler and ice

Basically you just have to carefully fry the turkey (according to the detailed instructions provided by alton brown).  The oil temperature decreased considerably when we added the turkey, so it was a good thing we actually waited until it got to 300 F to lower the bird into the oil (instead of 250).

Here are some pics!

the pre-fried bird

the rig (so you dont burn yourself with piping hot oil)

like a turkey jacuzzi

about an hour later...

One of the BEST turkeys I have ever tasted!

I made some stuff, too 🙂


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