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Budapest food + drink

Apparently this is french tiramisu (according to Hungarians)


Hungarian Thai food! pad thai

thai again, this was cucumbers marinated in this super awesome spicy sauce

Here are some pics from the Great Market Hall, which is basically a huge indoor farmer’s market, with the best prices on food and souvenirs

black licorice candy called "Negros"... totally PC, right? (this wasn't the only questionably racist thing we saw, either)

a sassy piggy @ Great Market Hall

American cookies, lol

One of MANY piles of peppers

Jars of pickled goods

COOKIES! (not American)

Prepared food @ Great Market Hall

Langos (like fried indian bread w/ garlic and cheese) + Beer, SO GOOD

And now onto some other meals we had:

Cute little salad

On the menu this pizza came with cucumbers, which I found odd. Turns out they were pickles! Oh, and they call pepperoni, salami instead.

At a fast food chicken place. BF got a burger with weird traditional stuff on it and fries

I got rotisserie chicken and cucumbers in this amazing yogurt sauce. Oh, and a few fried mushrooms!

This was "broccoli & cheese" at the Szechenyi Bath

The rest of the pics are from our favorite meal in Budapest.  The first pic is the restaurant sign, it means black bird or something to that effect.  The restaurant was very fancy but the entrees were only about 1900 forents a pop (right now that’s less than $10)


we shared a pepperoni langos to start

BF got a very hearty serving of traditional goulash

Farmer's chicken with goat cheese sauce and vegetable (Hungarian for containing no meat, it seems) gnocchi


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Prague food + drink

Delicious beer (obviously not Pilsner)


Goose breast, pickled veggies, mashed taters and "lard dumplings"

Chicken covered in tortilla chips!

Beer onion soup w/ cheesy toast (at Sv Norbert Brewery)

Flight of beer @ The Beer Museum

Beef stew and more "lard dumplings"

Delicious ham and cheese pastry from the market

And now some fun we had exploring a supermarket in Prague:


creeeepees (they are really into candies and crackers with creep in the name)

Cocka (I am very mature...). I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be somewhat of a staple based on how many brands and types there were.

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Munich food + drink

Hi guys – I’m back!  Sadly for me, but hopefully good for you.  I went to 4 countries/ major cities, so I will be posting foodie pics from each separately.  And here’s Munich!

Some beef something that I don't remember + potato balls @ the infamous Hofbrauhaus

"Beer cheese" @ Hofbrauhaus (not very much like American beer cheese)

Liters of beer at a biergarten!

Giant pretzel, sausage, potato salad & schnitzel @ biergarten

Currywurst (a spicy sausage with curry powder on top) @ Neuschwanstein

They make everything out of pretzels - even sandwiches, camembert

I don't know what they put on these rotisserie chickens, but holy shit, they are amazing.

cookies that look like a pretzel and sausages

St. Augustiner (brewery) Edelhoff (beer). This is the pope's preferred beer, btw

Radler in a can. Radler is half beer, half lemonade and completely gross

What we referred to as "salad pizza"

The rest of the photos are from my favorite restaurant that we visited in Munich, Weisses Brau Haus.  It was SO delicious.  And they had pretty radical beers for Munich, for example a hopped-up weis beer, which is extremely novel and was super tasty.

I started with their original weis bier

The hoppy version, which was described as "hoppy fireworks" on the menu, haha.

Salad, comes with potato salad and sauerkraut. I thought I hated both of these, but I guess I just dislike the yucky American versions, because the ones in Munich were delicious.

Pretzel soup. That's right, I said PRETZEL SOUP. Easily my favorite dish in Munich.

BF's pork knuckle, which he enjoyed immensely

And my entree of cheese spaetzle, which was mountains better than the "spaetzle" mess I made recently.

P.S. those are fried onions on top of the spaetzle… mmmm.  Oh and by the way, spaetzle isn’t even the German word for it, weird, huh?

I hope you enjoy the food porn, while I get the photos from Prague ready.  And look out for a posting of me trying to recreate pretzel soup in the future!

Things I am inspired to make:

  • pretzels
  • pretzel soup
  • sauerkraut
  • “salad pizza”
  • and BF said he is going to try to make a hoppy hefeweizen!

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